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At Inner Sage we believe Yoga should be accessible to all, fun, taught by skilled, authentic teachers and supported by mindful staff.


our values


Our intention is to share yoga through the spirit of compassionate and selfless action of time, resources and talents.


We aspire to create an environment that promotes unity within the organization and community

Inclusiveness & Collaboration

We are stronger together and celebrate diversity.

Outreach, Welcoming & Financially-Considerate

We hold space for all members of our community.

Mind, Body & Spirit

We encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Jamie Garrison, Yoga, Tree Pose, Goldman Sachs

owner & founder


E-RYT 200, RYT 500IP, Reiki Master, iRest Level 1, Founder & Owner


"Yoga has always been a part of my life. I recall as a child, feeling deeply connected to nature, spirituality, and energy. As an adult it has become a way of life to maintain that union. On a quest for meaning and purpose I began yoga and meditation as a teenager. Over time my interests have evolved to include aromatherapy, herbalism, Ayurveda, Thai Massage and energy through Reiki & crystals. I consider myself to be a humble student of life and it is my dharma to share these interests with others so they too can attain balance and purpose in life.

In 2010, while working in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Michigan, I completed my 200-hr yoga teacher training. Deeply drawn to my personal practice I found my true calling as a yoga guide. It was during this time I began to explore Reiki and have since received a Master Level Attunement. In November 2017 I was ready to pursue my 500hr RYT and completed that advanced training in April 2021. As my interests as a practitioner evolve, I have discovered the next step on my personal journey. In the fall of 2021, I will begin graduate school, working towards my MSW at Wayne State University.


I teach from experience, my personal practice, and from my heart. A part of my message to students is to be their own guru. My goal as a guide is to help my students honor their own personal truth, enabling them to live consciously, in touch with their hearts, and finding a practice that suits them.


I am grateful for this opportunity to share yoga and to empower my students to be their own best teacher. I am even more thankful for yoga, which has been invaluable both physically and mentally throughout my life including the beautiful journey of pregnancy, labor, and as a mother to 2 incredible boys. I have immense gratitude for those who believe in my vision and Yoga Shala’s mission, as a venue to share the light and healing benefits of yoga."





My yoga journey is somewhat new but in my few years of practice, I found so much peace within. Growing up with so much trauma in my life, I developed wall after wall thinking I could protect myself from feeling pain. I started doing yoga just looking to get a good work out, and in my first practice I got a peak over the walls I built for the first time, and I have been practicing ever since. In my practice I've learned how to appreciate myself; mind, body and soul, as well as learning how to let go of negativity and pain. Yoga to me is a way to look inside, and bring to the surface all the beautiful magic that each and every person has inside.

I took Yoga Teacher Training to deepen my practice, and found so much joy in teaching. I would like to show people that it's never too late to try something new, and that you can always meet yourself exactly where you are, mentally and physically, on your mat.

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My yoga journey began in elementary school, and throughout high school, my love for yoga grew. I began to teach informally in college for our fitness club. I knew one day I wanted to become a yoga teacher, but the question was when and where. After meeting the teachers and community at Yoga Shala, I knew this was where I was meant to take teacher training. My classes are inclusive, accessible, and fun! I advocate that yoga is for everybody and Every Body!

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I dabbled in yoga through my college years, but really strengthened my practice when I held my first corporate job. Through yoga, I began to learn how to let go of stress and negativity that came with this experience. I decided to take the plunge and completed a 200 hour teacher training program in 2015 as a way to deepen my personal practice. I found a love for teaching others about the uplifting benefits of yoga. In 2019, I completed a life coaching course earned a certification as a Whole Life Healing Coach. I incorporate aspects of healing coaching modalities into my classes to support my students in feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and connected to the world around them.

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Yoga is the light that was missing from my life 10 years ago. As a college athlete, I was constantly grinding. I discovered yoga and it became a spiritual release for my body and mind. Since then, yoga has helped me to heal, learn, and grow in all aspects of my life. Now, as an Elementary School Counselor, I continue to practice to keep myself sane! Yoga is my self-care and brings me the peace and quiet I crave after spending the day with tiny humans.

I believe yoga is for everyone, and I strive as a teacher to make each class feel that way for all. My classes are accessible, playful, and full of good energy. You can expect to be met exactly where you are when you arrive and you always have permission to do what feels best for you.

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Why hello there! My journey of practice began as a self prescribed remedy to combat declining mental health and chronic pain in 2013. From that, I quickly discovered where I belong, not where I fit in. In the same way that a bird with one wing can’t fly, a practice of only physical postures can’t lift your spirit. It’s because of this principle that my classes are bursting with philosophical insight. Meet me on your mat, I’ll teach you the “why” behind your practice and how to fly with both wings.

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Shala means home and that is what Yoga Shala means to me. Here is where I completed my 200 hr RYT and where I continue to practice and learn, rooting deep in my community. My love for yoga sparked early in my childhood. One of my greatest memories was practicing yoga from VHS tapes alongside my mother. The comforting tranquility I had during these practices is what I bring to my classes. Grounding my students we slowly flow consciously through and end in serenity. I find comfort when my students leave class with clarity and feeling restful.




I first stepped into the yoga studio looking for a supplement to my workout routine but over the years have found a deeper, more meaningful practice. Through this studio I found a second home. Now, I am a yoga instructor who believes in fostering a practice of inclusivity and focusing on connection through community. My formal education is in Clinical Behavioral Psychology and I seek to bridge the physical practice of yoga with mindfulness through awareness and acceptance. I hope to inspire others to find gratitude for themselves, both on and away from the mat. I encourage all yogis in my classes to meet themselves where they are at in that moment and then take a step back to watch themselves grow over time.




Brittany Nicole Schneider (britt) is a dedicated artisan; earthy by nature, she exists within the arts of breath and design. Her guided movement has been described as patient, ethereal.




My name is Mia Simone and I’m 20 years old. I started my yoga journey shortly after I graduated high school, yoga had really helped me grow and heal in many different ways. Throughout my yoga teaching experience I have also found myself finding a deeper appreciation for the art of music. During my practice I always create a playlist just for the sequence that I flow to. Yoga and music have become a big part of my life and I would love to share my passions with others. 




Emily completed her teacher training right here at Yoga Shala. She works across a few local school districts as a school psychologist and enjoys writing creatively in her spare time. As a writer at heart, Emily enjoys adding some flare to her teaching by sprinkling in thoughtful visuals and positive affirmations that ease the mind and foster connection back to the self. She enjoys practicing yin yoga to help slow down her busy brain and connect back to the body.

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