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A captivating blend of elegance, tradition, and refreshing energy, now available! This unique presentation of the classic Florida Water reimagines its essence in a modern and convenient form, making it an essential addition to the collections of spiritual enthusiasts, everyday users, and those seeking a touch of vibrant mystique in their daily rituals.

Inside the bottle rests the signature Florida Water formula – a balanced blend of zesty citrus notes, aromatic spices, and delicate floral essences. This harmonious fusion creates a captivating fragrance that uplifts the spirit, cleanses the atmosphere, and serves as a potent tool for various spiritual practices, energy clearing rituals, and personal self-care routines.

Whether used for daily refreshment or incorporated into more intentional practices, this special edition spray bottle embodies the enduring spirit of exploration, artistry, and connection to the mystic.

Florida Water

PriceFrom $9.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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