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✨ 🔮 We are so excited about our popular Gyᑭᔕy ᔕoᑌᒪ Oil Rollers!


With more scents in the works by our very own Gypsy Soul we currently offer 9 different oil rollers with crystals & each one comes with a pouch and evil eye charm. Perfect for yourself or for a unique and special gift for someone you love ✨ 🔮 🌙💕 The scents are magical!

✨ 🔮 🌙💕


Eᗩᖇtᕼ Goᗪᗪeᔕᔕ

This soft yet rich scent evokes your Inner Goddess. Both sweet and earthy with warm hints of vanilla and honey, notes of chocolate and soft patchouli. Some special secrets from the earth. Magical



A freeing blend of rich, earthy Patchouli and sweet, creamy Vanilla. Accents of coconut and cream adds a soft yet musky scent.


Honeycomb is a sweet yet earthy aroma, with notes of orange, clove, orchid  with a splash of leather. Reminiscent of aged bourbon with slight notes of patchouli musk.



A uniquely clean and herbaceous floral aroma with notes of Linalool and Linalyl. Calminging and soothing properties.



A delicious and dreamy aroma of rich Vanilla beans supported with surgary accents of coconut and cream.

ᗰooᑎ Goᗪᗪeᔕᔕ

Moon Goddess evokes, the rich, exotic scent of Sandalwood supported by the sultry aroma of Cedar and Patchouli.  With a hint of Vanilla, this dreamy scent will bring a calming peace while also bringing out your inner Goddess strength.

ᗰyᔕtiᑕ ᕼeᗩᒪeᖇ

This whimsical scent captures the warmth and alluring aroma of Frankincense and Myrrh smoke swirling through the air. This classic blend with hints of citrus and a hint of vanilla  is sure to make you feel relaxed and grounded.



A warm yet crisp combination of creamy Coconut and tangy Lemongrass. Sweet, juicy notes of Peach, Lemon and Lily of the Vally.



A beautiful and unique scent of earthy Patchouli combined with clean and floral Lavender with notes of Vanilla.



A beautiful aroma of Nag Champa that is floral yet earthy. Notes of Orange Blossum, Jasmine and Cedarwood.



A mysterious and rich aroma of Dragon's Blood brought together with bright, floral, woodsy elements like swirls of incense smoke.



A whimsical aroma of delicate Garden Rose. Floral notes of Rose and Lily come together with fresh accents of geranium.

Gypsy Soul 10ml

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