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Welcome to your New Beginning. Use sage to cleanse out the old, Palo Santo to purify your intention, and the selenite to keep your crystals cleansed to the highest purpose. Add the crystals to your practice, your home, meditation or your alter. 


~Smoky Quartz to ground into being present with where you’re at and to protect you as you grow. 
~Moonstone will strengthen  inner peace surrounding the new beginning.
~Amethyst supports transformation and enlightenment.
~White Howlite tunes us to higher consciousness supporting the release  of attachments to old emotional pain, can ease stress and anxiety it helps us focus on our goals and ambitions. 
~Carnelian raises vitality and confidence moving forward.
~Citrine attracts abundance and success. It’s the stone of health, wealth and happiness while boosting self-confidence. 


Write a new beginning intention Paper to place underneath the  Lord Ganesha statue facing northeast.

New Beginnings Box

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