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The Altar Candle varieties include Protection, Cleansing, Manifestation, Intuition, Goddess, and Abundance. Our largest and longest lasting candles.


  • Coconut soy wax blend with crystal chips, herbs, and fragrance oils
  • 16 oz glass jar, 13 oz of wax
  • Approximately 100 hour burning time


ABUNDANCE: The Abundance Candle is made with light green wax, scented with fig tree, and dressed with green aventurine crystal chips as well as blackberry herbs to attract growth, prosperity, and success.


CLEANSING: The Cleansing Candle is made with white wax, scented with lavender, and dressed with clear quartz crystal chips as well as sage herbs to purify negative or unbalanced energy around you.


GODDESS: The Goddess Candle is made with purple wax, scented with black cherry merlot, and dressed with moonstone crystal chips and rose to connect with divine feminine energy and strengthen personal empowerment.


INTUITION: The Intuition Candle is made with light blue wax, scented with black raspberry and vanilla, and dressed with labradorite crystal chips as well as elderberry herbs to strengthen your awareness, vision, and insight.


MANIFESTATION: The Manifestation Candle is made with orange wax, scented with nag champa, and dressed with garnet crystal chips as well as marigold herbs to manifest new opportunities, connections, creations, and transformations in your life.


PROTECTION: The Protection Candle is made with black wax, scented with rosemary and sage, and dressed with tourmaline crystal chips as well as vervain herbs to shield against negative energy.

Altar Candle

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