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We are so excited to show you our new Yoga space that is adjacent to our crystal shop ~ 171 W. Nine Mile, Ferndale.

Next week we are offering a soft start yoga schedule as a preview of select class styles. 


We will offer a variety of class passes once our full yoga program is live on our new scheduling software, coming next week! In the meantime, for the soft start schedule, our Drop-in rate is reduced.


Drop in - $15/class, Soft Start Unlimited - $30 attend as many classes as you want our second week, April 8th-April 14th (There is a cap on daily Drop-in and Unlimited options).



Monday, April 8th

  • 10am Yoga Flow


Monday, April 8th

  • 6:15pm Restorative Yoga


Wednesday, April 3rd

  • 9:30am Vin/Yin


Friday, April 5th

  • 10am Slow Burn


Sunday, April 7th

  • 10am Vin/Yin


 Restorative Yoga is all about surrender. Appropriate for all students seeking a relaxing, gentle, and theraputic practice. Restorative yoga gently improves range of motion and joint mobility, eases aches and pains, and effects of stress. We utilize yoga props to support the body allowing you to be comfortable in every pose. No prior yoga experience required for this gentle practice.


Shala Flow (Yoga Flow) is our signature vinyasa. This class is designed to improve strength and flexibility through mindful flowing sequences focusing on proper alignment. Shala Flow is suitable for those comfortable with Sun Salutations, standing poses, basic backbends and exploring the body/mind connection on the mat.


Vin/Yin Fusion is a balanced practice including a meditative flowing sequence complimented by Yin stretches. This class is a perfect balance of playfulness and mindfulness, leaving you feeling balanced and refreshed.


Slow Burn is a strength based vinyasa combination. In this class we will build body awareness and inner strength with dynamic breathing and asana. Taught in a heated room, this blend will invigorate your body as you flow through creative and powerful sequences. This class is suitable for students seeking to take their asana practice to the next level.


We look forward to seeing you next week!

*** No refunds, no extensions. All purchases must be used between April 8th - April 14th, 2024.

***Space is limited and there is a cap on daily Drop-in and Unlimited purchase options. 

Yoga Class Drop In

PriceFrom $15.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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